Where does NorthStar Connections get referrals?

NorthStar will take referrals for crisis stabilization of vulnerable adults from APS, DSHS, Police, Fire, Hospital Social Workers, Crisis Intervention Teams, Mental Health Professionals, Family and Friends of the vulnerable adult, or other community organizations.

What is NorthStar Connections service area?

As of now NorthStar primarily serves King County but hopes to create a statewide program in the future.

What is a Guardianship?

Guardianship is a court process where the rights of an individual who has been deemed unable to manage their finances or medical decisions is appointed a guardian. The guardian is then tasked with making decisions regarding various aspects of the person’s life. Guardians are paid by the client out of their assets.

To find more information regarding guardianship proceedings please visit.


How many people are affected by guardianships?

In 2016 there were 1051 guardianship petitions filed, only 556 of those had guardians appointed in 2016, 106 guardianship petitions were dismissed. We will not have accurate information for 2017 as the rules changed and now a guardian must be identified in the petition when it is filed. So rather than filing and leaving the case open for months or years until a guardian is identified petitions will not be filed. This does not mean the need is less, it just means we won’t know how many people were unable to be served.

What is a supported decision-making agreement?

Supported decision making is a model that supports people with disabilities to make significant decisions and exercise their legal capacity. NorthStar facilitates this model within a designated network of supporters who can assist the individual with making decisions regarding life matters. This includes living arrangements, employment opportunities, purchases, vacations, relationships, and health matters, all while allowing the person to make their own decisions.