We did it!


UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who called and emailed tips and history of Kenny. I did complete a DNA test through Ancestry and it gave me two first cousins. Those first cousins were not related so with the help of old census documents I was able to work my way back and figure it out. He is from Bainbridge Island and he is a Navy Veteran. I was able to find his sister who visits regularly and checks in on him. She kept his military VA Pension Checks from the 1980’s!! This helped greatly in us getting him moved to a VA Facility and he is working on prosthetics to walk again!

If you would like to donate to help “Kenny Kenny” a gofundme has been set up here https://www.gofundme.com/help-for-kenny-kenny

3/25/2018 The King County Sheriff’s office offered to manually get a print off of Kennys’ remaining thumb. While the print did come back with 4 aliases we are cautiously optimistic that any of them will be an accurate identification. We have reached out to Ancestry to see if they would be willing to donate a test and have had a geneology DNA expert willing to donate his time to review and track the results. We have also had oprivate investigators offer their services as well.

Please do not stop emailing us your hints. What may seem insignificant to you may be the missing piece to this mans puzzle. Everything is important.

NorthStar is a newly founded nonprofit and is currently operating off of donations and volunteers. If you would like to donate to help NorthStar serve this vulnerable population please go to our donate page.

What we know so far about “Kenny Kenny”

He states his birthday is February 23rd, 1970.
He has been homeless in the U District for at least 25 years.
Frequently sleeping outside of the University Christian Church and the United Church of Christ.
He frequented the U District Food Bank.
Was often outside of Trader Joes.
Would not take money, clothing, blankets or food, but would take black garbage bags as that is what he wore to protect himself from the elements.
Never been arrested. Police have no ID for him
Names he is known by:
“Kenny Kenny”
“Kevin Peterson”