Our Values

Central to our work are four core beliefs, or guiding principles, that inform the services we offer, how we provide these services, and how we conduct our business. We believe:

All vulnerable adults deserve support and care in the least restrictive setting regardless of their life choices or financial status. They require specialized care and deserve to have people surrounding them who are able to advocate for them. We recognize that people make different life choices, and that judging those choices does not lead to successful outcomes. We also believe that guardianships should not be the only option, nor should they be one size fits all.

Our staff is our biggest asset. They are the heart and soul of the agency and are the people upon whom the success of our work depends. We are committed to creating a work environment in which each staff member feels valued, respected, and motivated to provide the highest quality of services to the people we serve.

Everyone has someone. Humans are not here alone; we are born to people who were also born to people, yet vagrancy laws and barriers to mental health services in other states often propel people in need to come to Washington State, so our most vulnerable clients may have loved ones looking for or missing them. Therefore, we focus time and energy on identifying safe and healthy relatives that our team can support in navigating through systems to meet the care needs of their vulnerable relative. Healthy family is the best natural support anyone can have.

Strong partnerships are essential to our work, our learning, and to creating the change we seek. It is only in partnership with the community and other agencies that we can provide vulnerable adults with the full range of services they need to live safe and healthy lives. NorthStar Connections intends to create a program that works cohesively with multiple agencies to customize care plans and goals with for clients.