NorthStar facilitates alternatives to guardianship for those who are able to make decisions when they have support. This allows Washington State to be in line with the American Civil Liberties Union and United Nations Article 12 recommendation that alternatives to guardianship are necessary to allow people with disabilities to maintain their rights when able.

We accept referrals in King County from APS, law enforcement, churches, mental health crisis teams, and other agencies when they identify a vulnerable adult who are in their home, assisted living, transitional housing, and who are struggling to maintain independence. NorthStar helps create individualized health care and service plans with a supported decision-making agreement, Power of Attorney and advanced directives.

We also accept referrals from hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, adult family homes, and APS when support is needed to identify and apply for services or benefits for vulnerable adults who are hospitalized or institutionalized and unable to discharge due to their inability to complete applications or gather necessary documents to get benefits established. NorthStar provides support to family members, temporary limited power of attorney services, assists in finding placement including long-term wrap around services to help move beyond the crisis, reduce emergency room visits, and decrease the amount of unneccessary time spent in the hospital.