Julie S.


“For many years I tried to find my Uncle, my Mom’s brother.  After continually hitting dead ends, I finally gave up.  It was like he disappeared and I assumed passed away.  One day my Mom received a call from Channa about my Uncle.  Unfortunately, it was a sad ending as he had passed away.  He had been homeless and was in a bad accident.  He remained in state care, for nearly a decade, and she eventually had his case. For years he was in Seattle, so close to us, under care and no one bothered to try and find us. I had always felt bad that he might have passed away alone not knowing we were looking for him. We are always in her debt that she kept trying to find his family. Now he is home with us. If it wasn’t for Channa’s commitment to work so hard for her clients we would never have know what happened to my Uncle.  You are an angel Channa Copeland.” Julie S.- Port Orchard