Linda Burbank

chris mcmanus

“Channa is a very motivated individual who tends to find success in each of her endeavors. She is also extremely compassionate and has what it takes to positively touch the lives of others. She is diligent, reliable, and a natural advocate: she can work her way through the most challenging scenarios, she does what she says she is going to do, and she advocates for others whether it is on a personal or professional level.
She is not afraid to do the ‘hard work’, she thinks outside of the box, she enjoys the challenge of finding the solution that makes the most sense and she maintains integrity throughout the process. I have witnessed these behaviors repeatedly, in Guardianship matters and care management cases. It is no secret that Channa is typically willing to take on the difficult cases, that others tend to reject. It is also no secret that she consistently achieves a positive outcome with these complicated cases.”
Linda Burbank – GAL, Attorney, BSN