Tina S.


“My mother passed away in October of 2014. We found out in we had a sister in October of 2015. We attempted to find her to no avail as we had minimal information about her, we only knew that she was born in Seattle in 1963. We received a phone call in mid-October from Channa stating that she had been appointed, probono, as the ‘successor guardian’ to a woman who had been under guardianship since 1985, and she believed the woman may have been our sister. It was! Channa picked my sister up that Saturday and brought her to meet her family. We get to see our sister regularly now, we are included in her care planning, and even got to have her visit for the holidays. We could not be more thankful to Channa! It is absolutely wonderful to have her in our lives. Channa is such a wonderful person who went above and beyond.” Tina S. – Bellevue