Tina S.

“My mother passed away in October of 2014. We found out in we had a sister in October of 2015. We attempted to find her to no avail as we had minimal information about her, we only knew that she was born in Seattle in 1963. We received a phone call in mid-October from Channa stating that she had been …


Julie S.

“For many years I tried to find my Uncle, my Mom’s brother.  After continually hitting dead ends, I finally gave up.  It was like he disappeared and I assumed passed away.  One day my Mom received a call from Channa about my Uncle.  Unfortunately, it was a sad ending as he had passed away.  He had been homeless and was …


Linda Burbank

“Channa is a very motivated individual who tends to find success in each of her endeavors. She is also extremely compassionate and has what it takes to positively touch the lives of others. She is diligent, reliable, and a natural advocate: she can work her way through the most challenging scenarios, she does what she says she is going to …