“ For many years I tried to find my Uncle, my Mom’s brother. After continually hitting dead ends, I finally gave up. It was like he disappeared and I assumed passed away. One day my Mom received a call from Channa about my Uncle... " Julie S.

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" Channa is a very motivated individual who tends to find success in each of her endeavors. She is also extremely compassionate and has what it takes to positively touch the lives of others. She is diligent, reliable, and a natural advocate:... " -- Linda Burbank – GAL, Attorney, BSN

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Mission: To provide dignified and consistent person-centered advocacy for vulnerable adults through prevention, crisis stabilization, and long-term wrap around services rooted in excellence, integrity, and truth.

Vision: To bridge systems and services, reducing the barriers and creating individualized guided paths, to end the systemic victimization of vulnerable adults.

NorthStar provides a multidisciplinary approach and wrap around services to provide supports to clients that will foster emotional and physical well-being, healthy behaviors, and permanent connections in the community and personal relationships. While providing opportunities for safe and healthy family reunifications. Clients will remain as clients of NorthStar until it is felt that they can be safely supported by another service or person. Our program is built so that people are unable to fall out of services.

NorthStar provides a knowledgeable and experienced team including LMHT, SW’s, Crisis Intervention Specialists, Certified Peer Support Staff, and supporting Elder Law Attorneys. There are a wide variety of valuable programs throughout King County, the issue comes from the lack of connection or communication between the programs. NorthStar reaches out to multiple programs and providers to know what is available and the requirements to qualify for each service or benefit. This allows our clients to be properly paired to the proper program that will make them the most successful.

NorthStar is a program designed to guide the lives of our aging and disabled individuals by providing guardianship as well as life planning tools to those who otherwise may not have access to them. NorthStar is a non-profit, charitable organization, that enables and facilitates people in creating supported decision-making agreements, end-of-life care plans, advanced directives and power of attorney services to allow for independence and reduce unnecessary guardianships.

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